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Pet Sitters Gold Coast

Premium, professional pet visits to your home

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of using a pet sitting service?

Your pet will be happier, more contented and less stressed staying in familiar surrounds. Whether you are taking a holiday or business trip, or are stricken ill, it is enough for your pet to miss you without being thrown into a strange environment. There is also less chance of pestilence and disease as opposed to a kennel or cattery. Dogs at home also act as a great crime deterrent, and a regular visitor to your home is another measure to secure your property when you're away. We also offer your pet one on one care, and the convenience of coming to you!

2. How does pet sitting work?

Firstly you can either fill out our on-line enquiry form or call direct on 0466 627 308. We will then schedule a complimentary appointment at your home to discuss the needs and requirements for you and your pet/s. This allows us to meet you and your precious pet/s, familiarise ourselves with the layout of your home and see where food, bed and cleaning products are located. To ensure we have covered every detail, together we will complete a Booking Registration form which is a comprehensive document covering all aspects of your pet sitting needs. We will then confirm your booking and arrive on the specified days and times to fulfill all of the necessary services. We will leave you a copy of our daily visit check-sheets for your information and records.

3. What about keys and alarms?

Pet Sitters Gold Coast will require a set of keys, alarm codes and remote controls to access your property. We can get these on our preliminary meeting, or if you prefer they can be left at a mutually agreeable place on your property. Alternatively you can drop the keys to us prior to your departure, or we can pick up and drop off your keys for $10 per visit.

4. What do I need to do to prepare my home for a pet sitting service?

There are some simple measures you can take to help us help maximise our pet sitting service:

  • If you have new keys cut for your pet sitter, please test them to make sure they work.
  • Clean food and water dishes before leaving.
  • Clean litter boxes and fill with fresh litter just before leaving.
  • Ensure there are ample supplies of food, treats, litter, paper towel, medication (if required) and cleaning products.
  • Adjust the air-conditioning to keep the house comfortable for the pet during your absence. Provide air-conditioning or adequate ventilation in summer heat.
  • Inform us clearly of any household areas that are off-limits to your pet or to the pet minder. Secure access to those areas if necessary.
  • Make sure you have the pet sitter’s contact number.
  • Advise neighbours that a pet sitter will be visiting.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing identification tags, contact details and/or is microchipped in case they go missing.
  • Make sure your house and yard are secure so that your pets cannot escape.
  • Please let us know if anyone else has permission to enter your home while you are away.
  • Advise if your pet has had a recent injury so we aren't surprised to see sudden limping and assume it just happened.
  • Let us know if your pet does not like to be touched in a certain area, and if it has any unusual sensitivities such as noisy kids, thunder etc.

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Pet Sitters Gold Coast